Welcome! My name is Jiho (a.k.a. PJ and Park Ji Ho).

I am an engineer and researcher that builds products with machine learning.

I am currently working as a computational linguist for the Google Assistant NLP Team, based in Tokyo since January 2020.

I started machine learning by doing research in natural language processing (NLP), but I am interested in expanding to different domains like audio/speech, computer vision, recommender systems, etc.

My dream is to build a useful product with a great team.

In the process, I have or had been working in many startup teams, including those who still survive (Watcha, EMOS.AI, and Oyalabs) and those who could not (Yamm & Plain Exchange).

I was born in Seoul, Korea but spent my 20s in Hong Kong. I studied at Korean Minjok Leadership Academy (KMLA; 민족사관고등학교) and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST; B.Eng, M.Phil), majoring Computer Science.

Awesome business card design from Google APAC Brand Studio!

My Publications

keywords: sentiment/emotion analysis & abusive language in social media texts (twitter), representation learning, transfer learning, text classification

Oral Presentation at EMNLP 2018